Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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Hello! Baru dapat join giveaway ni, harap masih belum terlambat!

Book recommendation:

I highly recommend Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo.

This is a fantasy duology, but don't get discouraged! I know fantasy can be hard to read especially they are always so thiccc. But Six of Crows is worth the time! It has great characters. They are six people who were brought together in a heist. Heist in books can never beat the ones in Six of Crows.

All six characters are different to their own. Even the relationships have great depths and developments. Reading Six of Crows is like watching anime lol. I read this right after I finish Attack on Titan, so the main character, Kaz Brekker reminds me of Levi Ackerman. 

And the setting in Six of Crows is on a small island where the town has cobblestones instead of roads. I love everything about this book. It has been my favourite for a year. 

But if you prefer a short read, then I recommend Penumpang by Fee Anyau!

This is a Malay book published by FIXI. I bought this on a whim at PBAKL 2019. I have read it twice now and I still love it. Some might say it's a bit slow, which I agree, but I got attached to the main character too much that I'm glad it's slow so I can spend more time with him.

Penumpang is basically about a guy, Jai who tried to live after his best friend, Eddie committed suicide. Excerpts from Eddie's diary were sent to Jai. And Jai discovered a life of Eddie which he did know of. So from there, we see how Jai cope with grief, how Jai tried to put himself in Eddie's shoes and understand him.

This book is not just about friendship. It's about life, loneliness and the possibility of found-family. Honestly, my favourite thing about this book (apart from having a huge crush on Jai) is how it talks about life. I love listening/reading people's thoughts on life especially people like Fee Anyau, someone who observes more than participates. 

I'm still waiting for Fee Anyau's next work, if there is one. I'm for sure going to buy it. 

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