Assalamualaikum 🌾

    I'm just an ordinary girl who finds writing to be the place I belong. I love reading. I don't remember how or when I started, it just came out naturally. Ever since I was a kid, my parents always bought me books. My mom would always read me something. I guess that's where my hobby cultivated. 

    I write stories and poems occasionally. I've written probably 60+ songs since 2014 (I was 15 years old back then), but I never really shared it to anyone. So, I hope I'm not too embarrassed to share some here 😆 I even published a story on wattpad (in Bahasa Malaysia) which turned out quite well. It actually got half a million of reads, so you should check it out here!

    I'm currently studying dentistry, to become a dentist obviously. But it's not really my true passion. The only reason I'm doing it is just for the sake of my parents. In dentistry, we do a lot of projects from restorations to dentures. I think it would be fun to share it here 😀

    Sometimes when I get tired of labs, watching anime really helps. To me, it's not just a story. I learn a lot from anime, especially sports anime. Sports anime gotta be my favourite genre of all time. I always felt motivated to pursue my dreams seeing my favourite characters chase theirs with preserverance.

     I guess you could say I enjoy getting lost in non-existent world to escape reality. Well, reality is harsher anyway. I'm not a professional, but I guarantee you, I will give a 100% honest review. And writing reviews is so much fun even if people may not read it lol.

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