Water 7 Saga:
1. Long Ring Long Land Arc (ep. 207-219)
2. Water 7 Arc (ep. 227-263)
3. Enies Lobby (ep. 264-312)
4. Post Enies Lobby (ep. 313-325)

Long Ring Long Land

Water 7 Saga starts off with Long Ring Long Land Arc which is mainly about a duel between the Straw Hat Pirates and Foxy Pirates, called Davy Back Fights.

In this contest, each member needs to face off their opponent in different games. At the end of each game, the winner gets to choose a member from their opponent as a new crew member, including their Captain and Jolly Roger

You can just skip this arc as it isn’t connected to the whole saga. But I personally enjoy watching the Straw Hat Pirates playing games. Plus, more potential SaNa content đŸ˜‚ Watching the Straw Hat Pirates getting worked up to win is fun and different from their usual fights. 

Water 7 Arc starts when the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Water 7 island, a city located on water to find a shipwright to tend to Going Merry.

On the island, the Straw Hat Pirates met the town mayor and President of Galley La Company, Iceburg. 

Unfortunate events bestowed upon the Straw Hat Pirates when they lost the money they exchanged with the gold from Skypiea island and found out Robin was kidnapped by the CP9. 

Water 7 Saga is one of my favourite saga. I cried watching Franky and Iceburg’s past with Tom. I cried even harder watching Robin’s past and Going Merry’s fate. And you know I’m a sucker for sad stories. If the story makes you cry, that means it’s damn good. 


The plot is perfect, you won’t even find one episode boring. Well, except in Long Ring Long Land and Post Enies Lobby arc. The other arcs ARE SO FREAKING BRILLIANT YOU CAN’T STOP BINGE WATCHING. 

The action when Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Chopper went to the Franky House to save Usopp after he was beaten to almost death is  amazing  The entrance? A-MAH-ZING. It was so badass and hot. 

This saga not only focused on the action, but the emotion as well. You will be left more than heartbroken. I felt so much emotion when the Straw Hat Pirates learnt about what’s going to happen to Going Merry. Seeing a fight between the crew members for the first time was so so depressing. Especially when you know how much they love each other and share so many jokes together. After all the adventure they went through, to have a bad blood with your crew member is the last thing you want. 

Luffy cried for the first time and I felt so sorry for him. I wish I could hug him and just be there for him because I know telling him it’s going to be okay is a lie. When he cried, I’ll cry. That’s how much I love him. It’s like I can feel his pain. Hell, I can feel all the crew members’ pain. They lost Robin and now the remaining members were torn apart. SO. MUCH. PAIN. 

In this saga, we get to see into Robin’s past, who she actually was that made her the Demon Child and where did she come from. Man, again, as if the pain wasn’t enough, Oda sensei decided to torture us more with Robin’s past and her mother. 

I thought my tears had run out but NO, I SOBBED LIKE AN IDIOT WHEN YOUNG ROBIN FINALLY HELD HER MOM’S HAND. And she said she wanted to do that for so long, I just- I can’t đŸ˜­ Thinking a child going through such ordeal ripped my heart out. 




Galley-La Company

Personally, in this saga I found Zoro appealing. He would make a good leader. His confidence, composure and choice of words deserve him to be the Captain. Which is exactly why people always assume Zoro is the Captain and not Luffy.

Roronoa Zoro

I love when the characterisation of a fictional character fits their story. You know what I’m saying? Like, when Zoro is portrayed as a Captain, we, the readers/watchers can see exactly why because it makes sense. I hate when authors try so hard to make a character as something, but I failed to see the resemblance and relevance. 


When the Straw Hat Pirates were arguing after breaking the news about Going Merry, there was some heated arguments between Nami and Zoro. But when Sanji said the same thing to Nami with his soft tone, she accepted it got me like YO THE WAY SHE WENT SOFT FOR HER MAN. THIS WOMAN IS COMPLETELY IN LOVE I’M TELLING YA đŸ˜« 

We can see how these two can understand each other and able to tolerate in an argument. This is proof they are perfect for each other đŸ˜«đŸ˜« I know a real couple who can’t do what Sanji and Nami has in their relationship. This convinced me SaNa is CANON.

Another important relationship is Luffy and Nami. I don’t ship them romantically but their friendship is respectable. When Luffy and Nami passed by the place where Usopp was left injured, Nami flinched. Luffy, noticing her stiffness, asked her what’s wrong as if to test her. Instead of nagging at Luffy like she always did, Nami just said ‘Nothing’. There’s so much respect Nami has for Luffy. I love their dynamics together. I don’t even mind if Nami ends up with Luffy instead 😂 But SaNa until I die đŸ‘ŠđŸ»đŸ˜ź‍💹

Overall, if you plan to watch One Piece, please don’t give up after Skypiea. I know Skypiea is kinda boring but so many things happened in Water 7. 

Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Just some photo of the Straw Hat Pirates because I love them so much.