Sky Island saga:
1. Jaya Arc (ep. 144-152)
2. Skypiea Arc (ep. 153-195)

Sky Island saga is the third manga saga in One Piece. As the name suggests, it takes place in the Sky Island which remains a mystery to the pirates. Only few could confirmed the existence of the island. Many who seeks a way to the island often are mocked by the locals. 

One day, Luffy and his crews’ journey was halted due to the log pose pointing upwards, instead of towards a new island. Rumour has it, there is an island exists in the sky. 

Luffy stopped by at Jaya Island to find out more about the sky island. Being the centre of a joke at Jaya, Luffy and his friends proved otherwise when they managed to land at Sky Island safely. There, they were caught up in the long term civilian war. 

Upper Yard

In my opinion, this saga is weaker than Arabasta and East Blue saga in terms of its plot and characters. While I do find the storyline and concept about the mysterious land island in the sky and the war among the two different population of islanders fascinating, I couldn’t care less about the new characters. They fell flat for me. I have no connection or a sense of rooting for them.

Sky Island saga focused more on the religion aspect rather than politics as compared to Arabasta. The element of realness is still applied and can be clearly seen in how the sky islanders believe the Upper Yard is a sacred place as it is a rare founding. 

Despite my negative takes, I think the world-building is well thought-out and creative. The little details about the route to Sky Island by Knock Up Stream, the different kinds of Dials they used in daily life and the waver as a type of transportation. These little things show how much effort and thoughts are put into the saga. They made the world more plausible and real. 

Knock Up Stream



One of my take away from this saga is how there are some strong people don’t pray to God but are still successful in life. I enjoy watching the difference in lifestyle and mind set of religious people and atheist. Again, I think this element parallel with reality. Even the belief is logical and not preposterous. All the while, I felt like Sky Island people really exist. 






Gan Fall (Knight Sky)


We can clearly see the importance of Nami and Luffy’s relationship when Luffy unquestionably trusted Nami to ride him to Enel’s ship, Ark Maxim.

Ark Maxim

Oh, how can I review One Piece without inserting about these two. SaNa shippers are fed with more SaNa contents and I AM THRIVING. 

When Luffy and the others just arrived at Angel Beach, Pagaya offered Luffy to try the waver but he failed to control it. But when Nami tried it, she mastered at her first try and Luffy called her ‘fool’ because she was showing off. Then Sanji smacked Luffy’s head. And he did it every time Luffy called Nami ‘fool’. 

Not to mention, Sanji was the first person to realize Nami was gone from the cloud sea on the waver when he was looking out from Pagaya’s balcony. This shows Sanji could possibly be searching for Nami in the first place.

IT’S THE LITTLE THING THAT COUNTS. I know it may sound made up but honestly? Let me believe what I want to believe ☺️😌


Sky Island is still enjoyable to watch but with less impact on me. I’m looking forward to more saga in the series! 

Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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