Since today is Valentine's Day, I thought, why don't I make a list of my fictional boyfriend because I have so many! This post is just me being weird, please don't judge me I'm just lonely 😭

Anyway, I'm really excited to share my current boyfriends and why they mean so much to me πŸ₯°

1. Kiyose Haiji πŸ‘€ 

I watched Run With The Wind (Kaze ga tsuyoku futeiru) last year and ever since that, this man has been in my heart on the number 1 spot. No matter how many characters I met, I will always stay faithful like a loyal housewife waiting for her husband to come home 😌

Haiji helped me when I had my panic attacks a few times. This anime overall is my comfort home. Haiji was passionate and patient. He waited for 4 years to recruit members for the track and field club to enter Hakone Ekiden and he never complained. He didn't envy his friend who was famous for being the top runner in Japan. Slowly, he worked to achieve his dreams.

Haiji taught me to stay focused on my dreams and don't be overwhelmed by other's achievements because we all have our own pace and our fate has been written differently. For someone who's always comparing myself with others, Haiji's words remained in my heart when I needed it most. 

Calmly, bravely and without fail.

This March marked one year since I got to know Haiji, so I'm planning to make something to celebrate! πŸ˜‹ (Yes, I'm creepy. And yes, if people asked me if I had a boyfriend I'd say it's Haiji) What's even more romantic, when I watched this anime, my bedroom's lamp was malfunction so I used the night lamp. Whenever I thought about it, I think it's very romantic πŸ˜†

When people asked for anime recommendations, I won't recommend this anime because I'm possessive and I want Haiji to myself 😭πŸ”ͺ

2. Miya Atsumu 🐾

Ever since the pandemic, Haikyuu!! has gained more popularity. So, I'm pretty sure everyone knows who this guy is haha (definitely not jealous)

I can't believe I'm so basic I fell for Atsumu 😭 Even my sister said she prefers Osamu, she wonders why I love Atsumu so much. Okay, so here's why. In the first part of season 4, I remember Atsumu first spoke in episode 4. I remember because I waited for his screen time HAHA. At first I thought he was a good for nothing kind of guy. I like him because of his looks obviously. With that badass vibe, how am I supposed not to fall in love 😫

Anyway, in the second part, when we got to see Atsumu play with his teammates, I was mesmerized by him. His passion, his enthusiasm, his energy, his presence, it was incredible! I was lovestruck right away! 

The thing I love most about Atsumu (other than his kansai dialect 🀀), he was brave to face challenges. For a scaredy cat like me, he taught me a lot to just go with it and give my best. Whenever I had a bad day in the clinic, I'll try to remind myself that Atsumu won't let himself down! πŸ’ͺ

3. Kita Shinsuke 🀴

Honestly, there are 4 guys in Inarizaki I'd marry but let's talk about 2 only because I watch anime other than Haikyuu!! lol.

Next, let's just admit Kita's power. He appears for one episode in the court and everyone was on the floor fangirling. Imagine if he's a regular player, I'll probably try to jump into my laptop screen. 

Again, I'm just a basic girl falling for Kita for being such a calm person 😭 Kita seems like the kind of guy who understands life deeper than most boys his age. If we were dating, he'd probably talk about what the afterlife is like or about how we are just one tiny speckle of nothingness in the whole universe. 

I'm clumsy and an overthinker, so I just want a husband (yes I skip the dating part) like Kita to calm me down 😭

4. Fushiguro Megumi 🐺

When Jujutsu Kaisen trailer first came out, I thought, damn these guys are HOT. I thought I will like Yuuji. I mean I love his voice actor, but personality wise, I kinda vibe with Megumi. Okay, I lied. The reason why I love Megumi is because his eyelashes are so long 😭 Why am I so superficial like this 😭

The more I look at him, the more I fall for him. I love how he looks emotionless, but in his heart, he's a softie who couldn't move on from his girl (definitely not jealous).

5. Terashima Nobuo

I'm currently reading Nana and it's SO DAMN GOOD AND ADDICTIVE. I will rant more about it in the manga review (hopefully!)

So, Nobu, the guitarist from Blast (a band in Nana) is exactly my type 😭 He's soft spoken, understanding, not flirty. I love how he always tries to make people feel better. His way of words is what made me fall for him. Also, the way Nobu is always confronting and calling out people's bullshit in their face is admirable. If a guy like him exist, I will be the one to make a move 🀣 I remember a few days ago at 3:28am, I was reading a scene about Nobu and I had to close my eyes and breathe. While my eyes were closed, I thought, 'I love you, Nobu.' HAHAHA

And the fact that he's a guitarist is a bonus because I love guitarist so much! After finishing the manga (though the manga is not finished), I'm planning to watch the anime because I want more of the characters. I treasure them a lot, especially Nobu!

6. Kira Izuru πŸŽ‡

The last boyfriend I want to talk about is Kira from Bleach! I love him because he's adorable! Especially when he's drunk. 

Honestly, if I was an anime character, I think I'd be Kira. He's insecure, soft, shy, and realistic. There's one scene in the Zanpakutou arc where Kira was fighting Kazeshini (Hisagi's shikai), and Kira realized he couldn't defeat him. So, he retreated. SEE?! I love when people are sensible. I don't like how in shounen anime, the characters are always 'I won't give up, I won't give up' like in Bla** Clo***. Personally, I think you're braver to run when you know your limit. Even in real life, just by not giving up, it doesn't mean your dream will come true. Or maybe I'm being bitter lol.

Also, I love it when Kira looks like this angel from the sky above, but then he proceeds to kill people.

Okay, that's all from me! I'm supposed to be studying and prepare for tomorrow's class but I have my priorities HAHA. At the end of this post, basically I'm telling everyone I'm basic. 

QOTD: What is your type in men? I always thought I don't have a type. But lately I realized, I love passionate people 😘


  1. megumi tu hensem. ahh tipikal hero yg i suka dlm anime..hahahaha

    1. hensem sangat 😭 takleh tido malam sebab terbayang bayang muka dia HAHA

  2. Type of man I want: the one who I can depend, we can talk anything and everything, stable, he has financial freedom, 1-3 years older than me, make me laugh, good Samaritan ( ringan tulang, pemurah) and nice looking ( tidak semestinya kacak, sedap mata memandang) his height must be I stand beside him, my head level with his shoulder. Haha. Terperinci.

  3. omg kenapa tak pernah terpikir eh nak buat post mcm ni untuk valentine? tapi yelahh, mungkin sbb list terlalu panjang ahahahhahahahahhahaha

    1. AHAHAH omg issokay, you should make a post! panjang pun takpe 🀣

  4. haikyuuuu for me is kenma kozume :)

  5. amboi banyak naw bf khai ha bak satu hehehe

  6. I don't watch anime but I find comfort in fictional characters in any movies or TV shows too ;-;

    1. i totally understand! fictional characters are way better than real people 🀣

  7. wah banyaknya boyfren diaaaaaa!!
    Cuya sorang pon takde...nak sangat tengok anime,tapi tak tahu bila mood nak sampai..

    1. takpe masih sempat lagi nak mencari fictional boyfriend xD

  8. Kai have list of boyfriends omg πŸ˜›πŸ™ˆ