Released date: August 22, 2020
Runtime: 59 min.
Genre: Music, Slice of Life, Drama
Language: Japanese

While the TV anime focused on the band given's guitarist Ritsuka Uenoyama and his high school classmate Mafuyu Sato, the film centers on the love relationship among the band's bassist Haruki Nakayama, drummer Akihiko Kaji, and Akihiko's roommate and ex-boyfriend Ugetsu Murata. (Source: myanimelist)

The first time I found out about Given was in 2019. I accidentally found the trailer on YouTube and since I like music, I was excited to watch the anime. I didn't know it was BL and at the time, I never watched any BL anime before. Basically, I was innocent and pure.

Until I watched Given on early 2020 lol. But this anime is a shounen ai and not yaoi which is more extreme. So, if you're uncomfortable reading about homosexual relationship, skip this review! 


Given The Movie is the sequel to Given anime which was aired in 2019. So, in order to watch the movie, you have to watch the anime first. The anime is short with only 11 episodes. I'd say, go watch it now! 

Since I have already read the manga after finishing the anime, I knew what the plot is going to be like except in the manga, there were more Hiiragi moments 😔 But since the movie is only 59 minutes, I understand Hiiragi needs to be cut out. Oh my poor baby. I was actually looking forward to seeing Hiiragi's band performance. But oh well, this is the downside of liking a side character.

Hiiragi Kashima

In the anime, the story focused more on Yuki, Mafuyu and Uenoyama. In the movie, we got to dive deeper into the complicated relationship between Akihiko, Haruki and Ugetsu. 

Personally, the reason why I love the anime is because I love Yuki and his presence and impact he had on his friends throughout the anime. I wanted to get to know Yuki personally so bad. So, without Yuki and Hiiragi in the movie, I felt indifferent. I couldn't really connect with the main plot centering around the three's relationship. It was heartbreaking the more I think about it but I needed some time to fully comprehend everything. 

But if you love Ugetsu in the anime, I think you'll enjoy the movie. 

Murata Ugetsu

Aside from the relationship, the band, Given was performing in a contest (if I remember correctly). I love seeing Mafuyu's writing process and the way he was inspired by Ugetsu and Akihiko's relationship. The song Yorugaakeru was bittersweet.

Mafuyu has this way of writing using beautiful metaphors. I love how the song talks about the pain of letting go, but remain optimistic.


There is no doubt I love the art style! It's clean and neat.


I think even if you don't watch the anime, the movie's song, Bokura dake no shudaika, is still relatable. I love Centimilimental's voice and they are lyrical genius! 

These are memories I will remember, the times we have spent together, I'll keep them behind this heart.

Honestly, the first time I listen to the song, I almost cried at how relatable it was to me. There are quotes I like best because it describes exactly how I feel.



Kaji Akihiko

There is one scene where Akihiko did something unforgiving. I used to like Akihiko in the anime but because of that scene, I couldn't look at him the same way anymore. If you watch the movie, I hope you know which scene I'm referring to. If you think it was acceptable or even romantic, I'm sorry but it's sickening. 

What made me hate him even more is because it was so easy for him to redeem himself. I don't know why Haruki is soft around him. He should've been put through more repercussions to reflect how wrong his action was.

Nakayama Haruki

I wish the movie highlighted how Haruki feels about his band. He was insecure and felt out of place. He felt like an impostor. I really enjoy seeing characters overcoming their insecurities and found the way to accept themselves. It helps me a lot. But in the movie, we got to see Haruki's troubled heart superficially. 

Also, I wish Haruki was more cold towards Akihiko. He's way too forgiving. I understand Haruki is being the nice person he is, but don't let people step on you 😣

Murata Ugetsu

The way Ugetsu and I are relatable for not having friends lol. Ugetsu had a complicated personality. It was hard for him to express himself truthfully. He kept acting contradictory to what he genuinely feels. He clung to Akihiko but he wasn't able to be honest with his feelings and Aki's. 

I wish there was someone patient enough to squeeze Ugetsu's real feelings out of him. And hopefully someday, make Ugetsu tried hard to change himself.


Akihiko x Haruki

Because of that 'one scene', I couldn't ship Akihiko and Haruki. I couldn't see how Haruki would love Akihiko so much. There's no appealing trait to him lol.

Ugetsu x Akihiko

The relationship between Ugetsu and Akihiko is toxic and unhealthy. I wish they could communicate and work through their problems better. But maybe they are just not right for each other. The whole staying in a relationship after a break up is proof they are torturing each other instead of setting themselves free peacefully.


I thought I will cry more during the movie, but I remained neutral. Maybe because I don't really care about the characters. The only time I felt happy was when Hiiragi and Shizu were on screen.

But it was worth a watch! I was just hoping for something more.

Rate: ★★★★☆


  1. omgg semua watak handsome !! how u handle them haha

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