If you may have not know, I'm running a Bookstagram account called readwithkai (which you can follow for more reading updates and book reviews). During the early days of Bookstagram, I followed a bunch of people in hopes they will follow me back. Sadly, less than half of them actually followed back and even the people who followed me, unfollowed me later. This left a huge gap between my following and followers numbers which seemed imbalanced.

I know following people does not necessarily mean they are obligated to follow back. However, since I'm running a business type of account, I'm hoping my content will reach a larger audience to attract any chance of a company approaching me to collaborate (which is still a dream rather than reality). 

Thus, today I would like to share an application on iOS which can help you detect unfollowers and unfollow them on the tips of your fingers. In this post, I will mostly talk about the application for iOS. However, I do come across an almost similar application on play store. Though I have no experience using the application. 

Once you downloaded the Follower Analyzer app, you will be directed to connect your Instagram account with the app. Then, you're done! The app will run through your account and show your unfollowers, following and people who you don't follow back.

If you wish to check who unfollowed you, just click on 'Unfollowers' then there will be a list of all the people who don't follow you back in which an 'unfollowing' button is beside their profile. Thus, you can start unfollowing them easily in one swift motion. 

The greatest thing about this app is it's free of charge! You can download it for free and use it to unfollow people. Just to highlight, there are some specification that are only available for Premium account. So, if you wish to upgrade to Premium, you can conveniently do so. 

For Android, you can try search Followers Tracker on Play Store. Based on the number of downloads, I think the app is legitimate to use. 

I hope this post will be a little help for any of you. I'm glad to be of service.


  1. I've used the unfollowers app before that you mentioned above and I can say it is legit one. I was so eager to have lots of followers back then when I was in teenage years, but not anymore. I did a major change where I removed all people that I don't even know and only keep ones that actually knew me in real life. :D

    1. keeping social media private is important ;D

  2. sampai sekarang pun saya guna je apps unfollowers ni hahah! kengkadang macam menyampah tengok orang tu follow kita, pastu bila check balik eh dia pulak unfollow kita. dasar xD

    1. betullll. dah follow tu tak payah la unfollow :p nasib baik ada apps macam ni yang membantu heheh