Title: Trading Secrets
Author: Rachael Ekles
Pages: 320
Publisher: Aphrodite Books
Published date: 1 May 2020
Genre: Suspense, Thriller

Celeste Donovan, a high-powered finance executive, seems to have it all-the penthouse apartment, the supermodel physique with a mathematician mind, and a trail of beautiful men she has loved and left behind. But when her boyfriend Theodore is killed in a mysterious accident, she discovers Omar, her abusive ex she had hoped would never resurface, is behind his death. Now she's caught in a game of cat and mouse, trying to anticipate Omar's next move, as she realizes he will stop at nothing to get to her. She sets out alone on a whirlwind journey to entrap him, determined to put an end to Omar's destruction. Soon Celeste is thrust in the middle of the largest financial scandal in decades. This time, however, powerful government officials are in bed with some of the world's most dangerous men. When she discovers that those she thought she knew best are involved in a secret society warring with Omar and his coconspirators, she must decide how far she will go to avenge Theodore's death and whether she is willing to risk her own life to save everyone she loves. (Source: Google Books)

Honestly, I don't remember what this book was about because I read it a few months ago and I didn't even bother to draft a rough review on my notebook after reading it. It didn't worth my time. 

Wait, did I say I read it? Correction, I only read about 2/3 of the book. The rest, I lost my patience and started skimming through. 

The plot didn't make sense. It was illogical, immature, unrealistic. It was all over the place. This was supposed to be a thriller but it wasn't thrilling at all. No suspense inflicted. You can see the so-called big reveal as clear as day. 

The writing style is like reading a textbook. The dialogues are unbelievable. Nobody in their right mind will enjoy reading the back and forth discussion about some company stuff that I have NO IDEA about. I was reading a few pages in the beginning, then I flipped through the pages to see how long the conversation will go and oh boy, there were rows and rows of unimportant stuff that I just didn't care about.

There were no characters. Just a bunch of poor one dimensional creatures. They were so dull I couldn't even imagined how they looked like. Even the characters' appearance description didn't help. The main character was annoying. I didn't know why she would look down on every other woman, and I couldn't stand the way she would brag about hanging out with men only. That's such a 15 year-old thing to do. 

Overall, this book felt like it was written by a middle school kid. This is claimed to be the first book of a trilogy, if I'm not mistaken. Maybe it will improve in the second book. Fingers crossed.

Thank you Book Publicity Services for providing me a free copy for an exchange of an honest review. 

Rate: ★☆☆☆☆


  1. simple storyline sometimes good too :)

    1. simple is good, tapi i cannot accept the writing style 😭

  2. reading textbook?hahaha klo AD pon x baca