my lifeline.

Writing lyrics on the tissues you gave,
They say time is precious so my money's well spent,
You made me dance alone in my room,
Just when I thought I ran out of moves.

You made me stay up late and get out early,
Used to be sick of mornings but you showed me the air could be refreshing, 
Throwing my senses out the window,
Who knew the dust dancing in the sunlight could look like snow.

You made me hear a melody in the silence,
Instead of voices convincing me I'm a nuisance,
You colour the blank of my canvas,
With maps to live cause you're my Atlas. 

All these butterflies beneath my ribs, 
Their wings must have been broken cause I'm falling,
If love made me stupid, 
Then how is it now my creative block finally breaking? 

My friend said I finally looked human again,
For so long been living like zombies eating out brains,
With highways between us like oceans and sand,
I'm holding on to your memory like I should've held your hand.